Tips for Healthy, Long Hair

If you want to be a successful makeup artist in Vienna, you will not be able to do so without offering hairstyling as well. That’s why I used the pandemic year to further educate myself in this area. So here is my first blogpost on hair: tips for healthy, long hair.

Tips for healthy, long hair #1: Comb your hair before washing

It’s a good idea to comb your hair before washing, when they are still dry. The washing itself can cause knots and this way, they are minimized. Make sure you brush starting from the bottom working your way up though!

I like using a wide-toothed comb first and then going over it with a paddle brush. This way I avoid pulling at my hair too much. I hold my hair in one and and brush the bottom part. This way I slowly work my way up.

Tip #2: rinse your hair with water first

Shampoo can distribute itself more evenly when your hair is completely wet everywhere. This way it is also easier to work it into the roots. A nice side effect is that you need less shampoo overall. Washing your hair the right way is one of the most important tips for healthy, long hair.

Tip #3: Only shampoo your roots

Shampoo is actually a product to clean your scalp and roots. This is wear the most oils and dirt are. It is absolutely sufficient just washing your roots/scalp, because the remainders of the shampoo will clean the rest of your hair when you are rinsing it out.

Tip #4 for healthy, long hair: massaging your scalp

There are a few studies that suggest that a regular scalp massage makes the hair thicker and fuller. The theory is, that the massage stretches the cells of the hair follicle and therefore they produce thicker hair. A scalp massage also stimulates blood flow and therefore hair growth.

I just use my fingers or use this tool that I found on Amazon.

Tip #5: wash your hair twice

You should only use a minimal amount of shampoo, but wash your hair twice. It is pretty much the same principle as the double cleansing for your face (see my blogpost: Double Cleanse | Cleaning your face the right way). The first wash will probably not create a lot of lather but gets rid of the most oils and dirt. With the second wash you are then deep cleansing your scalp. If you wash your hair properly, it will not become greasy as quickly again.

Tip #6: conditioner only in the bottom third of your hair

You only need to apply conditioner in the areas where it is needed: the ends of your hair. The roots get enough oil and moisture form the scalp, so you only have to condition the dry bottom third of your hair. If you apply conditioner to your roots, it may also be the reason why your hair looks flat and it becomes greasy very quickly.

Tip #7: use a t-shirt as a towel

When hair is wet, it is softer and weaker. So a towel with a rough texture can irritate the hair cuticula and cause frizz. A cotton t-shirt has a flat surface and only absorbs as much water as necessary.

You can get special microfibre towels for you hair as well, but an old cotton t-shirt has exactly the same effect.

Tip #8: don’t comb your hair while it’s wet

As mentioned above, hair gets soft and weak when it’s wet. That means you should definitely not brush it in this condition and irritate it further. If you have curly hair, sometimes it is unavoidable to brush it while it’s wet, but you should use a wide-toothed comb or a wet brush.

Tip #9: no heat

Using a temperature too high for your hair structure only one time can cause irreparable damage. If you already have heat damaged hair, not using heat anymore will not magically heal your hair, but it is still advisable. Less heat means less stress and your hair structure will slowly recover a bit.

If you want to use heat, you need to make sure it is the correct temperature for your hair structure and use a heat protectant. For example the Paul Mitchell NEURO Protect HeatCTRL Iron Spray.

Tip #10: silk pillow case or nightcap

Silk is simultaneously a very strong and soft material. It decreases friction between pillow and hair and therefore decreases hair breakage. At the same time your hair doesn’t lose as much moisture.

Of course, silk is not vegan and normally also not cruelty-free. The company Moon & Shine produces silk where the silkworms at least get to stay alive.


Ok, these were my 10 tips for healthy, long hair! I hope you learned something!

Stay healthy and see you soon!

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