Home Studio

Welcome in my home studio!

Makeup, hair styling, lashes and more!


Address: Podlahagasse 31A, 1220 Vienna

Public Transport: Bus 26A to station “Podlahagasse”

My studio is in Vienna, just at the border to lower Austria/Groß-Enzersdorf.


I can provide a free parking space for you, right next to my studio! Just let me know, if you are coming by car and you can park right behind the silver smart.

Opening Hours

I am available for you at all hours of the day. You just need to make an appointment beforehand.


Free WiFi

Payment methods



Apple Pay


cruelty-free and vegan

Food and Drinks

free drinks and snacks


German (mother tongue)

English (mother tongue)

French (if you really want to challenge me)

General Information

All humans are welcome at my studio!

I have products for all skin colors and types and I’ve been able to gather lots of experience with a plethora of humans.

My pronouns are she/her. If I do something wrong, or say something wrong, please don’t hesitate to correct me, if you feel like it. I am still learning and this is the best way to improve myself.


Unfortunately, my studio is not accessible. There are to steps at the front door and a flight of stairs to get to the basement. If this does not work for you, due to a disability, I will gladly provide my mobile service for you, at your home, without a traveling expense charge.

Information for humans in bigger bodies

The following information is not to discriminate against anyone. I know from myself, that I  like to be as informed as possible, before I go somewhere new (preferably without having to interact with a human).

My makeup/hair chair has armrests and a maximum load of 180kg. It is absolutely no problem, changing this chair out for one without armrests or to do your makeup on my cosmetic table (in a sitting position).

The maximum load on my mobile cosmetic table is 220kg. The electric cosmetic table in my studio carries up to 250kg. The width is 60cm for both and they do not have armrests. They both go as low as 60cm, for you to get in.

If you are still unsure about anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me! This is a judgement free zone!

Do you still have questions? Please contact me!