About Me

My name is Maike Kolmer and I am a certified makeup artist in Vienna.

My interest in makeup was sparked by necessity. For ten years I suffered from horrible acne and doing my makeup was the only thing that gave me back some confidence. I researched, experimented and perfected, until I found a satisfactory solution for myself. What began as just a an instrument to feel normal, was only the beginning of an exciting and creative journey.

In the year 2015, I decided it was time to share this feeling, that makeup gave me, with others. I started my training as a special makeup artist at the Austria’s Makeup School in Vienna and graduated in May 2017. Since 2018 I am now a certified makeup artist in Vienna.

My mission is, that every person gets to and should, feel beautiful! My makeup enhances your natural beauty, but it doesn’t hide it. I am merely helping you be your best self.

I have been living plant based for some time now, so of course all products I use are cruelty-free. If desired, I also offer all makeup styles with vegan products only.