Foreo UFO 2 | My Experience

Ok, I admit it, I’m addicted to face masks! That’s why the last time Douglas had a -25% discount, I had to get the smart masking device from Foreo: the Foreo UFO 2.

Foreo UFO 2

What the hell is a smart masking device?

I don’t know a lot of people that really lie completely still for about 15-20 minutes, while their face mask does its magic. So what happens? You move around and in the best case scenario, the serum drips on your keyboard. In the worst case scenario, your whole masks ends up in your dinner. The Foreo UFO 2 combines Swedish technology with Korean skin care. It was made for impatient people like me, but also for professional makeup artists.

The UFO 2 has all benefits of a face mask and more, but the whole thing only takes 90 seconds.

Yes, ok, but what can the Foreo UFO 2 do?

  • Pulsations

Mechanical stress produces a response in the cell (like in this study). This means that through the vibrations of the Foreo UFO 2, cells become “stiffer” and they have an anti-aging effect. At the same time, the massage makes sure the serum penetrates the skin quicker and more effectively.

  • LED-Light Therapy

The UFO 2 has a LED ring around the place holder for the mask, which can produce eight different colors. I have researched Phototherapy extensively and the studies seem promising. Especially since light therapy is non-invasive. In short, different wavelengths have different effects on the skin:

Red – increases the production of collagen and elastin; anti-aging effect

Blue – destroys the bacteria responsible for acne; anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, decreases sebum production

Green – evens the skin tone out

White – helps the skin to absorb nutrients

Purple – stimulates cell regeneration

Orange – helps give the skin a certain “glow”

Yellow – helps calm redness from inflammation, sun burn or for example rosacea

Cyan – calms irritated skin, helps to shrink swollen capillaries

I have to add though, that studies were generally performed with people who received 8 treatments in 4 weeks for 10-20 minutes. So in my humble opinion it is questionable whether a 90 second treatment, twice a week would have any effect.

  • Thermo and Cryotherapy

The metal plate on the Foreo UFO 2 can cool down to 5°C and warm up to 45°C.

The heat makes it easier for the serum to penetrate the skin and loosens sebum at the same time.

The cold is anti-inflammatory.

How to use it:

Unfortunately my videos are only available in German at the moment, but I think you can understand the procedure without my babbling 😉

The biggest disadvantage

In order to use a program with a mask, you have to scan the barcode of the mask. That means you can only use Foreo masks with the device, if you want something pre-programmed. You can use the features alone with the app though, if you wanted to.


The formulations of the masks are good though. Most of them don’t have alcohol, silicones or phthalates. All of them due contain some fragrance though.

The prices for the masks are ok:

Make My Day und Call It A Night Masks:

€9,95 for 7 pieces; so around €1,42 per piece

Youth Junkie, H2O Overdose, Green Tea, Glow Addict and Matte Maniac

€19,95 for 6 pieces; so around €3,33 per piece

Shimmer Freak Eye Mask

€20,89 for 6 pieces; so around €3,48 per piece

I have tried out all masks, except the Shimmer Freak Eye Mask and I am happy with all of them. My skin tends to be slightly red after treatment, but that’s probably due to the mechanical stress and calms down quickly.

You can also get the Foreo products from notino and flaconi.

What’s the difference between the Foreo UFO, Foreo UFO 2 and the Foreo UFO Mini?

The difference between the “normal” UFOs and the mini versions is  (next to the large price difference) that the mini UFOs have no cryotherapy. So not all masks can be used with these devices.

The Difference between the Foreo UFO and the Foreo UFO 2

  • LED-Light Therapy: the UFO only has the colors red, green and blue. The UFO 2 has all colors offered.
  • Thermo Therapy: the UFO 2 warms up up to 5 times faster than the UFO
  • Mask compatibility: not all masks fit into the UFO

Apart form these points, everything is the same. Both use pulsations, are charged via USB cable and are available in the colors Pearl Pink, Fuchsia and Mint.

The OG UFO costs €199 at Douglas at the moment.

My Thoughts on the Foreo UFO 2

Do you really need a smart masking device? No, of course not. Is it fun and does it save time? Yes.

Personally I bought myself a second device for my clients. As a makeup artist you don’t always have enough time to put a 15-20 minute face mask on your client. I have seen a dramatic difference in the skin though, if I do take the time to prep with a mask. So this device is priceless in this industry!

The UFO 2 is waterproof, so it is easy to clean with water and then disinfect with alcohol and a UCV box.

I also use the device on myself, but I haven’t completely changed to the Foreo UFO 2. I only use it when I am very stressed for time, but my skin needs a little extra TLC.

I hope this review of the Foreo UFO 2 helped you!

See you next time!

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